1. * 60s vintage eyewear.

    In stock.

    Oldies but goodies.

  2. *New Shop Card&Paper Tag.

    Letter Press+Offset printing 2014.

    Many Thanks! The Stables,Odawara Works.

  3. Because it is there.

  4. *Levi Strauss&Co/Vintage Leather Shoes.

    Sole repaired by Brass.

    In stock.

  5. *HALISON since1925 

    Made in JAPAN.

    Various styles socks  are In stock.

    More comfortable  for your foot.

  6. *FRONT #2

    "All Natural Indigo, Hand dyed by Litmus"

    @LAILA TOKIO,7x7

    April 12(Sat)-20(Sun)

  7. *Watch cap styles.

    Jason Lee/Enemy of the State(1998)

  8. *BROWN by 2-tacs/3B Jacket&Wide Tapered Slacks.

    Fake Indigo(Linen50%/,Wool50%)

    In stock.

  9. *San Francisco Hat Company/Scout Fedra Hat

    Exclusively Color for slowpoke.

    Made in San Francisco

    of Handwoven Ecuador Panama.

    In stock.

  10. *Oldies but goodies.

    In stock.